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a. 'Queen Charlotte'

Anemone 'Queen Charlotte'

A compact little plant with beautiful silvery-ink semi-double flowers. It blooms in the warm autumn months with large 3-inch flowers held high on wiry stems. A charming little woodland perennial that naturalizes with root runners.
a. hupehensis 'September Charm'

Anemone hupehensis 'September Charm'

Strong grower with silvery pink single blooms in September and October. One of the best, most popular varieties.
a. tomentosa 'Robustissima'

Anemone tomentosa 'Robustissima'

Soft single pink flowers bloom in August and continue through early fall. ‘Robustissima’ is noted as one of the hardiest and most adaptable of the fall blooming Anemones. Grows best with consistent moisture in organically rich soils but withstands drier conditions and more sun than other cultivars. Dark green foliage closely resembles the shape and form of a grape leaf, hence the common name of Hardy Grape Leaf Anemone.