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g. 'Fanfare'

Gaillardia 'Fanfare'

This exciting new plant is creating a ‘Fanfare’! Flowers are scarlet trumpets that flare to bright yellow at the ends. Blooms appear from June until frost. It is very free-blooming, throwing multiple flowers from every stem and sports an especially neat, mounded form.
g. aristata 'Arizona Sun'

Gaillardia aristata 'Arizona Sun'

Arizona Sun’ features large, 4–5 inch fiery orange-red blooms tipped by a ring of rich yellow. Blooms rise over compact foliage from early summer into fall. This hardy variety sports a very uniform growth habit. It prefers sunny and hot sites.
g. aristata 'Oranges & Lemons'

Gaillardia aristata 'Oranges & Lemons'

Oranges & Lemons’ features orange-cantaloupe flowers that have tangerine-yellow tips on the petals. Brilliant gold center cones sport a darker orange ring around the base. Blue-green foliage enhances the warm colors of the flowers. This variety displays a more upright habit than other Gaillardias. It blooms from summer to fall.
g. grandiflora 'Burgundy'

Gaillardia grandiflora 'Burgundy'

Butterflies love ‘Burgundy’! Its flowers sport brilliant red petals around a bright yellow button center. Gradually the center changes to the color of red wine. Blooms appear from early summer to early fall. Choose this variety for the border or containers. It makes a spectacular cut flower.