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h. 'Grape Galaxy'

Helleborus 'Grape Galaxy'

This vigorous grower produces an abundance of very large 3-1/2”, grape purple flowers heavily spotted with dark purple flecks on every petal. Bright green nectaries contrast vividly in the center of each dark colored flower.
h. 'Ice Follies'

Helleborus 'Ice Follies'

The large 3”, cream to light yellow flowers are heavily splashed with strawberry to burgundy red flecks on each petal. This showstopper is extraordinarily heavy flowering, producing upwards of 100 flowers per plant.
h. 'Pink Parachutes'

Helleborus 'Pink Parachutes'

The lovely 3-3/4"" blooms are bright pink with a fine spray of tiny dark pink to wine colored spots on all of the petals. Most flowers have soft blush pink backs, but others have nicely contrasting white backs, lending a two-tone look to the blooms