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Constant Colors of Annuals PDF Print E-mail

Ann mainAnnuals add almost constant color to your flower garden, container plantings and window boxes during the summer season. Their blast of color lasts until a hard frost comes, and their blooms add the finishing touches to patios, decks and yards.

For healthy plants that grow into thriving gardens, consider Christians' as your go-to source. You’ll find all the colors you need to personalize your home. Each year, we look for new varieties to add to our stable of customer favorites.

When planning a container or garden space, look for the Big Three of garden design:

  • Pillars: Tall or spikey plumes of color
  • Thrillers: Full, rolling mounds of colors and textures
  • Spillers: Trailing habits of swirling shapes

We offer a wide range of Proven Winner™ annuals for our customers. Working with plant breeders around the world, Proven Winners™ brings the most cutting edge and innovative plants into your home and garden. Easy to care for, these plants are covered with bright and colorful blooms, selected for long blooming season, and tested for true-to-type colors and habits.