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Foundation Plantings PDF Print E-mail

treesFlowering shrubs and trees add a more permanent structure to the home and yard. Evergreens are solid foundation plantings, as they continue to display color, even during the winter months. Flowering shrubs usually make excellent candidates for specimen plants—especially those that produce unique blooms or hold an unusual shape.

Come by Williamston and check out our favorite selection of Redbuds, Magnolias and Weeping Cherries.

Redbuds are relatively small trees with spreading branches and a short trunk. This ornamental variety is popular in many neighborhoods for its early pink flowers. Blooms appear all over the tree before its leaves emerge.

As an added bonus, the Redbud boasts a yellow fall color. An understory tree, it works well with other larger trees, as long as the canopy is relatively open.

Although the Magnolia is a famous southern tree, many cultivars can survive well even in Michigan. Their ample, saucer-shaped flowers emerge from large fuzzy buds early in the spring. This distinctive tree is available in a range of whites and pinks.

Ironically, nothing will bring a smile to your face like the sight of a Weeping Cherry in full bloom. The branches cascade over each other with armloads of 1-inch blossoms that sway in the wind—a real showpiece planting for the front yard.